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I offer consulting services on a sliding scale:

  • I will talk to you about almost anything, from macronutrient ratios*, to technical meditation details, to time management and productivity, to search engine optimization, to Dan-Savage-fetish-too-far sex acts (say, vis-à-vis intimacy, love, evolutionary psychology*, and oxytocin).
  • (By the way, I strive to maintain extraordinary, impeccable ethical boundaries, which I should probably work on documenting, somewhere. Here’s a little bit of ethics. I’ve got the scattered, ungrammatical, rambling schtick going on, but I’m meticulously conscientious and professional, when it matters, e.g. around privacy, etc.)
  • I cognitively engage; I maintain continuity between discussions.
  • I will track mutual questions or open loops we have to their conclusions.
  • I am patient, low-key, and kind. You can set the pace and goals, or I can.
  • I will not judge, moralize, or push stuff on you. And no shock tactics or weird, judgy, nonverbal communication, yuck, though I will probably swear a little bit, for a variety of countersignaling-type purposes.
  • Basically, I back the fuck off and let you impose reality, context, and assumptions about the situation, at least until you genuinely feel like I really, truly, completely understand everything that you believe I need to know about you and your situation.
  • If you’re up for it, my preferred style is lots and lots and lots and lots of questions and conversation, sometimes hairsplitting and slow, sometimes fast and loose, always looking for ways to test intricate, self-consistent frameworks, while being open to positive ambiguity and change over time. And I’m willing to throw it all away and start over as we learn. Finally, I’m always on the lookout for things to do, to move the game forward.
  • If I don’t know something, I’ll say so. I’ll happily refer out. Most people use this once, or a few times, to get a brain dump from me, not for ongoing stuff.
  • I will do my best to be efficiently and astoundingly useful to you, depending on your goals and timeline. When the world opens up in front of you, and everything looks different, and legitimately so, that’s what’s gratifying to me.
  • Please contact me using the form below (include email or phone). I’ll usually respond within two business days, it not within minutes.

*I am not a licensed health professional. I am not a licensed mental health professional. I am not an evolutionary psychologist. I am not enlightened. I am not, etc. I’ve just spent a huge amount of time reading and thinking and informally experimenting with, and systematically training a vast pantheon of non-random, interrelated stuff. And I’m wrong all the time. And I care.

If one-on-one is not for you, I encourage you to ask a question in a comment or to do a guest post, or something. I have a long history of writing 3000-word blog posts in response to questions and requests. So that’s a way to try getting a free, detailed response. 😀


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