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I’ve updated the bottom of my consulting page:

A teeny tiny trickle of people who are interested in consulting with me is starting to come in. Any interaction around the content of this blog, and anything I can do to make a seeming difference in other people’s lives, is EXTREMELY gratifying and energizing.

But, I have very little time and leftover cognition: I am working a shitty-intense professional job to bank money and simultaneously trying to make meaningful progress on my one-person-super-secret-world-conquering startup. And, I’m trying to do both in under 45 hours a week (forever; because fun/completely-disconnecting-from-responsibilities/intimacy/friends/healthy-slow-food/exploratory-meetups/plenty-of-sleep). This involves pushing back hard at my manager and doing just enough to not be too stressed about getting fired, and that’s really stressful. Anyway.

So I’ve been trying to figure out what to do with the consulting. Here is an experimental solution.

If you would like to consult with me, you can become a guest author on my blog. (You own your posts; See below.) You can write posts which I will of course see. You can write your own thoughts and questions, respond to my posts, and maybe other guest authors or visitors will dialogue with you in comments or their own posts. I will jump in when I have time and when I am inspired. […]

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