social navigation hypothesis of depression

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So, it’s apparently controversial, but I kind of fell in love with the social navigation hypothesis of depression:

It just feels so right, so it has to be right, right? (Kidding, but it’s elegant: Signaling! Bargaining! Extortion! Involuntary cognitive allocation!)

This is a surprisingly good Wikipedia page, too:

Gotta view everything through the lens of evolutionary psychology. It’s not the only lens, but it’s a fundamental one. Granted, stuff like stress, suffering, and life-long psychological trauma, fucking human condition, but, oh, the surprising, sudden, latent capacities strewn through our DNA, only a life-situation removed from unfolding within us. Our prison, but our values, our potential, it all has to start with embracing the monkey, living the monkey, being the monkey. It’s the only secure foundation to build on.

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One thought on “social navigation hypothesis of depression

  1. I seem to remember that there was a sociologist named Irving Goffmann who claimed that schizophrenia had a similar cause. (I think it was in the 60s..)

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