autonomic harmony

  1. If you eat something new or unusual for you, you may experience a lingering mouthfeel, that keeps drawing your attention back in stolen moments. This may be phenomenology that is involved in the immune system’s epitope-level inferencing to learn and unlearn possible threats.
  2. For epitopes that have been detected in the mouth, the immune system provisionally considers them less likely to be a replicating invader (because, even if they’re in high concentration, those epitopes could simply have come from food and may be inert/harmless).
  3. The immune system may even do certain kinds of integrative deltas, comparing epitopes detected in the mouth versus the lower intestine.
  4. Some of this inferencing is at the “molecular and cellular machinery” level, but, some of this inferencing is “fully general,” seamless, contiguous, coextensive with high-level “everyday” cognition, and this feeds back into the low-level system.
  5. Both the innate and adaptive immune systems can be top-down modulated (down to the epitope level, at the very least for the adaptive immune system) by high-level percepts and beliefs.
  6. It follows that immune system underreaction and overreaction, when molecular machinery and nervous system innervation are intact, can be progressively corrected through introspective/interoceptive tools such as meditation.
  7. (Tangentially, nutritive/energy inferencing & food motivation, through deconvolution of flavor, & other mouth sensations, combined w interoceptive phenomenology over minutes, hours, & days, etc. (Hours later: “mmm that was such a good meal.”), is just as fine-grain & malleable.)
  8. (Additionally, energy metabolism—energy conservation and burn rate, and thus felt energy & e.g. mood—insulin response, insulin resistance, basal metabolic rate, etc., while highly entrained by mechanical and hormetic influences, are also malleable, top-down influenced.)
  9. Modulo privilege & opportunity cost, across MANY(/all?) dimensions, seemingly low-level physiological machinery & instinctual motivations are “open,” dramatically malleable, the progressive optimization of which culminates in ever more “autonomic harmony” & felt robust wellbeing.


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