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Note:  It’s getting harder to book me, proximally, because of popularity. I’m trying to figure out what to do about that–it’s ok to book multiple sessions in the future (no more than one per week) and to cancel later; just cancel as far in advance as you can (>24 hours but the [way] more the better). What I mean is if i see a bunch of bookings and cancellations and re-bookings go by, a week or two, or more, in the future, that’s totally fine, for now. So grab a bunch of stuff for optionality; just make sure you cancel it if you don’t need it.

(And/or, for a bunch of people, they just have a reserved/recurring weekly, biweekly, or tri-weekly calendar appointment. I would set that up, anytime, as well.)

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subject: [meditationstuff] new scheduling options


Hi all,
I’m starting to get scheduled farther and farther out, and I’ve been concerned about a paradoxical “it’s too crowded; nobody goes there” effect, for people who would like to grab a proximal slot, see that there aren’t any, and so on.
This mostly just affects people who do just-in-time scheduling, which is still a totally ok/great thing to do. Some people have a standing meeting to meet with me, every week or every two weeks, and this affects you less or not at all–just keep your meeting, as per usual, and you can disregard this message, unless you’re curious for more options.
To make me a little easier to schedule, I’m doing two things. First, I’m holding Monday slots back and sometimes releasing them within a week or so of their scheduled time. So open Monday slots will sometimes appear in the seven days before (but usually not the Saturday or Sunday right before). Historically, they go quickly.
Second, I’m adding a new short meeting type, “10-20 minutes” alongside “45-60 minutes,” which is currently available six times per week. I may reduce this to 3-4 times per week, depending on long-run usage patterns.
Whether you have a regular time, or you schedule just-in-time, feel free to grab short times as well as longer times. For donation/payment, the suggested amount is 0.35 times what you normally do.
Third, if you meet with me irregularly, feel free to convert to a regular weekly, biweekly, triweekly, etc., time, anytime. Some people even leave it on the books but sometimes cancel–if you cancel >24 or >>24 hours, that’s especially fine, and sometimes people even knowingly cancel very last-minute and/but still compensate me, to make up for the lost booking. (On the one hand, someone else locally misses out, but, on the other hand, it often means more writing time, which reaches people at scale.. Anyway; it’s fine.)
Finally, it’s ok to “strategically book” by booking in the future and maybe canceling later. If I see booking/cancellation “churn” go by or if someone books for three times in three weeks but only keeps one of them (or even none of them), that’s fine; it barely registers, as long as the “booking density” doesn’t rise above ~one per week. Just please cancel as far in advance as you can, >24 hours and ideally >>>24 hours.)
See you soon!
P.S. If you’re referring new people, please feel free to send them either to the short meeting times or the long meeting times. They’re cross-linked on calendly, in any case.