types of “physical” pain scratch list

I use an ontology sort of like this when decided how to engage with “physical” pain—keep going, stop, wait, do it differently, do something different first, and so on.

(constructed in part with an anonymous collaborator)

  • burning/tearing feeling – micro heterogeneity in muscle tone (partial pulling/tone, contingent “weakness”) leading to subtle tearing during normal usage
  • joint grinding – unbalanced or both-sided too-much muscle tension in oppositional muscle pairs (“too much pressure or unbalanced pressure on the joint”)
  • joint pulling apart – lack of muscle tone, only ligaments are “protecting”
  • nervy/referred (stinging?) – nerve compression at nerve root in spine or somewhere further downstream causing distal pain, burning, or numbness
  • joint “inflamed feeling” – (joint is “waking up”, under-lubricated but becomes lubricated — usually goes away by next day) – “have care, but ‘fine’”
  • normal muscle soreness/DOMs – “fine”
  • grab bag:
    • tendinous pain (tendons/tendinitis) – ???
    • ?deep ache – ???lactic acid buldup? / ketosis catabolism?
    • ?ache – nonlocalized deep, all encompassing
    • tender to touch

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