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Philosophy on this Blog Around Money

I really wanted to charge minimal, non-hardship amounts of money for the meditation information on this blog. I thought about it, and I thought about it, but I just couldn’t find a way I was comfortable with.

(I don’t think there’s anything wrong with charging money for meditation stuff, in principle. This stuff would reach more people if there was an economic engine behind it. But, it’s just not for me, right now.)

I think it would be different if I were eventually to start doing controlled efficacy experiments. Then I would be comfortable making claims per unit of sale. But that’s not happening, yet. Until then, and even then, I can’t give this stuff away fast enough. The whole point of this blog is to reach as many people as quickly as possible, with unique, useful stuff that isn’t anywhere else. Because, I think it’ll be useful to people, and I think it’ll change life trajectories.

That said, the more money I make from this blog, the more I can literally afford to make my material accessible and mind-blowing. The more money I make, the higher the quantity and quality of material, here, there will be.

So, my current plan is to sell non-meditation stuff (though I’ll still consult on meditation stuff). I’ve spent a ridiculous amount of time exploring health-, fitness-, communication-, sex-, and relationship-stuff, in addition to meditation stuff. And that’s the sort of material that I’m going to sell.

(By the way, this is the only part of the blog that has amazon affiliate links. All other pages have bare amazon links.)

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