Striving for rigorous and conceptually clear meditation instruction with one mediate goal being safe, wide distribution.


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Hi, I’m Mark. I have a BS in computer engineering, an MS in electrical engineering, and a PhD in bioengineering (with some neuroscience). I worked in software for a few years, and I’ve done some nonacademic training and research. Simultaneous to all of that, I’ve been exploring first stuff like qigong and astral projection and later (after exposure to engineering and neuroscience) meditation, western phenomenology, eastern philosophy and eventually western philosophy.

I describe myself as being “long past stream-entry,” that’s long past the first classical stage of enlightenment, I think as described by Theravada Buddhism and Tibetan Buddhism (using a different map). I don’t speak fluent Buddhist, though I’ve benefited massively and critically from Buddhism, including from contemporary teachers of meditation, Buddhist or not.

As far as I can tell, I’ve solidly achieved or am close to most of the late-stage stuff as well, pretty much all of it, though I believe some things can be cultivated over an entire lifetime. (I haven’t been trying to get into altered states or to do “punctate” things; I’m talking about the stable stage-like stuff.) I am not authorized to teach in any lineage or tradition, and I haven’t had long, careful, patient conversations with people who have thirty years more experience than me in these things. I want to do that soon, though.

I’m interested in becoming one of the best in the world at this thing I’m doing, here. I think I’m already there on a bunch of dimensions and Dunning-Krugering a bunch more. And, there’s so much to do. There’s plenty of room at the top. Join me. Poke me until I join you.

There’s a multi-year gap in these blog posts; my thinking changed substantially during that time, and then I started blogging again.

You may find that my writing style on this blog is terse and weird, typos everywhere. I know, I know. Maybe I should get a dedicated domain and clean up my brand; maybe not… I do more conventional academic/science/grant writing, too, and some of my phenomenological writing is in clean prose.

You might start by reading these posts in this order: