Legacy Sliding Scale

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The tweet that started it all:

(Note: The below are suggestions for 45-60-minute meetings. For shorter meetings, multiply by perhaps 0.35 to get a ballpark suggestion.)

For meditators (aspiring/dedicated):

$0 per meeting (donations gratefully accepted)

For non-meditators:

sliding scale rough ranges; something comfortably sustainable (depending on meeting frequency) in:

  • NEETs/students $1-$100
  • professional/trade $1-$300
  • FAANG/finance $1-$500
  • C-suite/founder/HNW $1-$1500++



[Tweet image: Bart Simpson writes, “Enlightenment can’t be transmitted in the context of a commodified relationship” over and over again on a school blackboard]

The image above sparked a discussion, and here are some excerpts: