Join a Global Google Hangout with Meditation Stuff this Saturday

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So, this Saturday, 31 January 2015, connect to a Google Hangout and spend some time with smart, interesting, friendly people. I’m not selling anything; it’s not actually a “Meditation Stuff (TM)” hangout; it’s better than that: a few of us in Chicago (Illinois, USA) have been meeting weekly for months, and now we’re experimenting with including more people, locally or remotely. Ideally, a few of you readers will show up and keep coming back.

Some of the videos that I’ve been posting lately have been opportunistically recorded from these sessions, but they aren’t reflective of the majority of the time spent. Nobody’s “teaching” anything, unless the others are idly interested, and the conversation flows randomly and naturally, from abstract to personal.

You’ll be right at home if you’re running bits and pieces of these memeplexes in your brain: LessWrong, Ribbonfarm, Integral Theory, pragmatic dharma, Slate Star Codex, MetaFilter, Unequally Yoked, human biodiversity, Effective Altruism, phenomenology, evolutionary psychology, economics, lean startup, ego development, BDSM, physiology, neuroscience, and lots more. You’ll also be right at home if you’re a non-dogmatic, long-term, reflective, thoughtful, opinionated meditator.

(Oh, also, there are no good memeplexes around the reflective, felt, deliberate experience of intimacy, romantic attachment, belonging, mutual understanding, etc., etc., etc., vis-à-vis evolutionary psychology, sociology, human biodiversity, prenatal endocrinology, nurture, adult development, and neuroscience. So, if you’re interested in that stuff, there’s that, too.)

Anyway, don’t be intimidated by any of that above. I can’t speak for anyone else who shows up, but I’m a moron. If you’re smart, hungry (for freedom, knowledge, and/or intimacy), opinionated, and open-minded, please join us.


The hangout is scheduled for 10:15 (AM) CST (UTC-6, daylight savings) on 31 January 2015. Click the link below for hopefully a conversion to your local time:

To get an email invite to the hangout, you MUST RSVP in the box below. (Actually, I may post a general link, but don’t count on it.)

Please include your email address (double check). If you’re local or visiting, let me know and I’ll send you physical directions; it’s a ten minute walk from the Loop.

(You can also include preferred future hangout times–include your country/timezone!–and topics which you want to initiate anonymously, which I can read at the beginning of the hangout, if you don’t want to voice them yourself. Also, let me know if you have any questions or concerns. “I only feel comfortable participating if…”)


I may add your email to a big list, but I will never share your email address, and I’m a real person, and you can ask me to delete your email from my records. Your email may be visible to other people in the Google interface, so choose your email address carefully if that’s a concern to you. You can leave your video off in the hangout. If you want me to read some of your submitted topics that you’d like to anonymously initiate, I won’t de-anonymize you unless, like, it’ll prevent violence and destruction or something.


Ok! Put in your email, double-check it and hit send! (You can submit the form multiple times if you want to add more later.)

Any issues day of (and I am expecting technical and bandwidth issues this first time), please watch twitter and/or tweet me.

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Tweets: Our move.

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Human beings are fairly incidental in an indifferent universe! We, all together, can do whatever we want! We can wake up and choose things!

“Reality is what you can’t ignore when you run out of money” (ht @vgr) or health or time or law. But, subject to that, YOU CAN DO ANYTHING!

Everything around you including your mindstream is conditional but incidental. You don’t have to ask permission to reach in & fiddle with it

Human beings in total have *never* had it better & also there is still desperate horror, soft & loud, on a mass scale. Your move. Our move.

I want to exercise, travel, write, have sex, socialize & I wish someone else would eradicate all suffering inc. mine. Ok. And you? Our move.

currently reading 1/x

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Reading, in part, for ideas for possible new transformative practices:

Williams, J. Mark G., Thorsten Barnhofer, Catherine Crane, Dirk Herman, Filip Raes, Ed Watkins, and Tim Dalgleish. “Autobiographical memory specificity and emotional disorder.” Psychological bulletin 133, no. 1 (2007): 122.

Schacter, Daniel L., Donna Rose Addis, and Randy L. Buckner. “Episodic simulation of future events.” Annals of the New York Academy of Sciences1124, no. 1 (2008): 39-60.

Miloyan, Beyon, Nancy A. Pachana, and Thomas Suddendorf. “The future is here: A review of foresight systems in anxiety and depression.” Cognition & emotion ahead-of-print (2013): 1-16.

Schacter, Daniel L., Roland G. Benoit, Felipe De Brigard, and Karl K. Szpunar. “Episodic future thinking and episodic counterfactual thinking: Intersections between memory and decisions.” Neurobiology of learning and memory (2013).

Older paper posts:

Related to older paper posts:

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New Video: Ritual Individual Voice Magnification: Maximally Flexible Rational Coordination Mechanisms that Take into Account Evolutionary Psychology: Simple Practices for Spontaneous Non-colocated Teams, Complex Artifacts, and Cashflow (30 min. mostly faceless or static visuals; Timestamped ToC to break things up)

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(You can click the youtube settings gear to speed up the audio. [ if you don’t have an option for speedup])

  • 0-11.4 min. : Basic idea; matrices and super-matrices (lots of “um’s” while I get warmed up, sorry)
  • 11.4 – X min. : Maximally flexible rational coordination mechanisms that take into account evolutionary psychology
  • X – 16.3 min. : Naturally shaking out differential skill levels
  • 16.3 – 18.2 min. : Hazing and investment vs values and aesthetics, un-cultyness
  • 18.2 – 21.6 min. : Freedom to leave as a strengthening of commitment?; How to do accomplish the stuff nobody wants to do
  • 21.6 – 25 min. : Prerequisites?; People already have to be special and smart and equally intelligent?; Too much democracy?; Optimal Defecting
  • 25 – 27 min. : Emails vs video and intrinsic value, giving no fucks, enjoying people’s company, typical minds
  • 27 – 27.8 min. : Trust, nonverbal stuff, social approach monkey switches
  • 27.8 – 29.9 min. : Secret levels, “higher” levels and goals sifting out naturally
  • 29.9 – 30.6 min. : Simple frameworks and disciplines practiced over time

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Video: Magical Non-Local Psychic Powers, Half-Believing in Them Sort of But Not Really But Still But Not But Etc. (3-person conversation, 15 minutes)

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See also especially:

Thank you to conversation partners who let me post this stuff and who wish to remain anonymous. I think we all hope that if you actually watch this through that it was useful, illuminating, or at least entertaining.

As I’m probably going to start mixing in a lot more videos, I want to affirm that I’m sensitive to video length versus text length. I try to only post videos that I think are (arguably) worth the X minutes of not-easily-skimmed watching time.

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Non-Bullshit Jobs and Global Resource Allocation (Single-take Talking Head Video [7m])

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It’s amateur-hour!

Seriously, I’m more articulate than this, and I hope to demonstrate that in future videos. 🙂 That is, I want my videos to become more engaging and valuable over time…

Topics: The economy, personal purpose, personal meaning, global suffering, jobs, global resource allocation…

(My eyes do that when I’m linking up non-cached, non-pre-mapped language to nonsymbolic cognition in real time.)

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