meditation schemas caution (extracted twitter thread)

  • 1/ If you do rigid space-time stuff with meditation, e.g. try to locate the exact “pixel” and/or 3d manifold of a sensation, as well as, say, the very instant of “its” appearance and disappearance, you may initially have the experience of rapid progress,
  • 2/ there can be value in exploring this. Frameworks are powerful, but they are leaky abstractions. I recommend minimalist, provisional, “comprehensive-yet-neutral” frameworks. And, weirdly, for most people, space and time may not be quite the right ontology to not get tangled up.
  • 3/ By “tangled up,” I mean you’ll potentially be “reifying” and entrenching contingent phenomenological and metaphysical errors in your bodymind system.
  • 4/ Space, time, identity, future–yeah!, statistically, outside view, brains tend to exploit the same structures provisioned by evolution. But the details can be ridiculously contingent, per individual. And top-down metaphysical “reifications” ramify in weird ways.
  • 5/ For metaphysics that you linguistically ingest, from a person, lecture, book, or meditation manual, the mind has a tendency to “make it real,” for better or worse, before it learns to hold to such things (“hold on to”) as provisional and “empty,” down to the bare metal.
  • 6/ And, every mental “action,” every mental “move,” every mental “choice,” will lay things on a little thicker. And, undoing–untangling–tends harder than doing.
  • 7/ There is no necessity, duty, responsibility, obligation to get it “right.” And, there’s lots of ways in which the details don’t matter. But, there are path-dependent downstream effects, in principle! (And, notably, infinite-takebacks, too, conditional on available resources.)
  • 8/ So, someone might want to be careful about really doubling down on particular frameworks (even seemingly innocuous or neutral ones like “space and time”). And it could be good to invest in low-commitment meta-frameworks with community & empirically battle-hardened ontologies.
  • 9/9 And hardcore meditators may explore the question of a global optimum or global optima and how to seek such things, from the inside, where the territory can walk you as much as you walk it. #meditation #frameworks #Metaphysics much more about these topics on my blog.

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