TL;DR Nutrition Recommendations v1.0 (Nutrition for people who don’t want to think about it AT ALL.)

  1. At Your Own Risk: I am not a doctor. This is not health advice. Use at your own risk. I do a more complicated version of all the below, for whatever that’s worth. But, if other things are messed up, more saturated fat will kill you. If you have kidney issues, more Potassium will kill you. If you have cancer, more glycine can make it worse. Too much iodine will mess you up. Most supplements, if overused or used in the wrong ratios, will shorten your lifespan. And so on and so forth. I can’t take all that into account, here, nor do I fully understand it. This is for entertainment purposes only. (You might like to look at this, too. I do not fully endorse this link or the reasoning behind it, either.)


  1. Micronutrients: Take one serving of each at the end of this document (pill/teaspoon/pinch), every weekday. Skip Sunday unless you have a large build. Skip Saturday and Sunday if you have a small build.


  1. Potassium: Use Lo Salt (=potassium+sodium) instead of normal table salt (=sodium only). Avoid salted prepared foods. Eat fruits and vegetables. (No one gets enough potassium. And, sodium isn’t bad for you; you need it. But, extra sodium makes not getting enough potassium worse. And, eating more saturated fat, as per below, speeds up potassium excretion.) [It’s worth it but not essential to try getting the iodized version.]


  1. Animal Saturated Fat: No one eats enough. For the faint-of-heart, eat lots and lots and lots of unsalted butter instead of vegetable oils. For the adventurous, fry with (and mix into carbs) beef tallow, lard, unsalted ghee, heavy whipping cream…


  1. Glycine: It’s a powder. It tastes sweet. Sprinkle it on/tap it out to taste. Because people don’t eat enough organ meats, bones, and cartilage. Don’t eat it if you have or are at risk for cancer.


  1. Exercise: Once per week, exercise hard enough to lose your appetite for 30 – 240 minutes afterwards. Especially at first, have food ready to go for as soon as you get hungry; then, eat as much as you want. Best exercise: repeated sprinting outside (be careful) or jumping rope. If your shins, back, or knees are messed up, use an elliptical machine, or jog up hills or climb stairs. (This gets way easier, way fast, if you do 1-5.)


  1. Timing: Don’t eat closer than three hours until bed time. Try skipping some meals on the weekends (not dinner). (This gets way easier, way fast, if you do 1-5.)


THE ~WEEKDAY [see number 2, above] MICRONUTRIENTS (in no particular order):


  1. New Chapter “Only One Multivitamin” (1 tablet) e.g.
  2. Magnesium (1 tablet; 200mg/day) e.g.
  3. Choline (1 tablet; ~500mg/day) [ignore if you a few eggs that day] e.g.
  4. Calcium (1 tablet; 500mg/day) e.g.
  5. Cod Liver Oil (1 teaspoon/day; for retinol and omega-3s;) e.g.

Main Coast Sea Seasonings Kelp Granules (one liberal pinch/shake per day; for iodine) e.g. [Note to buyer: these last forever]


4 thoughts on “TL;DR Nutrition Recommendations v1.0 (Nutrition for people who don’t want to think about it AT ALL.)

  1. You want your body to be dipping into its storage tanks as soon as possible while sleeping. Three hours is a reasonable amount of time for your stomach to empty and for you to be getting towards running out of fuel circulating in your blood. Four or five hours would be even better, but that’s kind of pushing it, and it depends on meal size, activity level, and where your body is at, in terms of efficiency and willingness to liberate energy. Cycle the fuel tanks to get better at cycling the fuel tanks = intense exercise, intermittent fasting, and eating enough carbs and animal saturated fat to actually top off (instead of just enough for the next meal). The body seems to be meant to cycle the tanks, instead of just eating every time your blood runs out of circulating fuel.

    You can learn to feel/tell if your stomach has emptied yet, if your blood has run out of fat or carbs, and if you’re dipping into either fat or carb (glycogen) storage, or if your body has decided to stop liberating something and you’re starting to lightly chew on muscle or lean tissue and/or produce ketones.

    If your body doesn’t dip into the tanks, your body “forgets” (neurologically and hormonally) how to dip into the tanks, and you get too much visceral fat and clogged arteries. (I believe you’re actually always liberating *some* energy from the liver and fat stores, but it’s about proportions of where energy is coming from.)

  2. Any lit/references on ‘tank-cycling’ or how to ‘feel’ the process mentioned above? Or is this your own synthesis of a diffuse field of stuff ?

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