Google Group and Slack


Update: Thanks to Andrew, we’ve also got a Slack (channel? group? thing?), which you can access, here: Use my consulting contact form or the google group to request access (or tweet me). If you know Andrew’s email address, you can request access from him as well.

I think the idea right now is use whichever medium (google groups/slack) is pleasant and frictionless for you and hopefully one will sort of win or they will peacefully coexist. Please use best judgment about whether something should be posted to both mediums. I’m sorry that people might have to check both–I really, really hate logistical creep. But, one might work muuuuuuuch better than the other and we should test.

As with the google group, pretty much post whatever you want. Keep in mind that Slack (somewhat surprisingly) doesn’t let you hide your email address, so you might want to annoyingly use a dedicated email address (the same as the google group).


Google Group

There is a google group associated with the blog. I kicked it off on 19 April 2015, so let’s give it a few weeks, and do please post/email if you too want to get it off the ground. The Group is intended to be the main backchannel for the IRL/web meetup as well for general discussion. You can post about pretty much anything; be nice. You are welcome and encouraged to join in, even if you’ve never been to the IRL/web meetup and even if you never intend to.

Privacy: I think your email is protected if you get your settings right and you don’t interact with the google group using email. Otherwise, I think people can get at your email address with a few clicks. This group is open to the whole internet, so please be careful about your privacy.

Suggestions: Maybe put stuff in brackets sometimes, so people can filter better. Like, I’d put [Chicago] if it’s about an event where I am. And I’d leave out brackets if it was of general global interest.!forum/medstuff


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