Just Enough Stretch and Strength

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So this product is a distillation of hundreds of hours of reading and experimenting. I used to do powerlifting (with an earlier edition of the book, Starting Strength), and it was fascinating and wonderful. But, you need equipment or a gym membership, and I found myself spending ridiculous amounts of money on food, to support so much lean tissue.

These days, I maintain an acceptable amount of lean tissue with bodyweight resistance exercise, which I can do anywhere. I’ve been doing the workout below, and only the workout below, for many years, and I’ve got plenty of full-body muscle to move furniture and look good. You get a nice V-shape. I literally do this workout, and only this workout, once per week, and it’s enough to maintain my lean tissue (by design).

(The other non-dietary parts of my fitness routine are standing as much as possible, occasional hours-long walks, and high-intensity interval training.)

So, in addition to bodyweight exercise, this workout contains dynamic stretching and static stretching. My original idea was that this workout would be comprehensive enough so that it was the only thing I had to do, forever. (I wanted to minimize cognitive effort.) And, I wanted it to be gentle enough that I could do it, forever. And I wanted it to be effective. Effective, meaning that I would be lean, strong, flexible, and agile until I die. Rolling around on the floor with kids and pets, crazy sex positions, and moving furniture at sixty- through eighty-years-old (and beyond) would be signs of success. In my thirties, so far, so good. 😀

I really don’t think yoga is that great for a lot of people. It can stretch ligaments without building the muscles around those joints. All of the movements in my workout are consciously designed to heal and protect joints.

Of course, I’m just a random dude on the internet with no special training. And all my stuff is for entertainment purposes and you do all this stuff at your own risk, etc., etc.. Had to say it. But, seriously, be careful. Everyone’s body is different. We all have different muscular “blind spots” where the activation pattern is a little wonky.

So, here are some of the books my workout is based on (in no particular order):

I’ve spent hours upon hours experimenting with the exercises and movements in these books. Picture me on a Friday night, with a stack of books and a yoga mat. I really, really love some of these books. And, over many years, and lots of scribbling in notebooks, I’ve distilled this information down into a core set of movements. Some of these books contained movements that eventually hurt me, caused joint or ligament damage (which mostly healed), and I’ve discarded those movements. (You can still get hurt! I’m just a random internet dude on the internet with no professional training! Be careful! Use at your own risk!)

What you Get

When you purchase, you get a 40 minute video that details every exercise. It will take practice, but you’ll eventually be able to do all these exercises together in around thirty minutes. You also get a text document that lists the title of each exercise for easy reference. Once you purchase, I’ll be able to send you updates and add-ons with a single click, at no extra charge to you, forever. To recap:

  • 40 minute video with 33 exercises and additional training tips
  • (The video is a DRM-free download in m4v format, compatible with macs and pcs)
  • Text document listing every exercise
  • Free, convenient updates, forever

Logistics and Privacy

The payment processor is legit (google them), and I don’t have access to your credit card information. All I have access to is your email, which I won’t share. You’ll be able to email me and the credit card processor. I’ll respond to emails within 48 business-hours if not immediately. (There’s always a small chance I’ll be away from email for a few weeks at a time, but no longer than that.) With a single click, I can send you fixes and updates, which you’ll be able to download for free.

Save Hundreds of Hours of Uncertainty and Experimenting

Just Enough Stretch and Strength

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