Excerpt: Folding 0.7: rummaging

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This section is about “rummaging.” In addition to attending, there is an additional “single focus” movement you can do using (secondary) attention. There are times when you can use it and times when you can’t.

Sometimes, secondary attention has the quality of “extra dimensions.” It’s like, in additional to the usual three dimensions, there’s a fourth or fifth or an unknown number of dimensions. When this is the case, one can’t use secondary attention like a spotlight and just sweep it around. You feel like you don’t know which direction to move secondary attention in, there’s no “there” there.

Other times, secondary attention can have a bit of a feel of a “textured space,” that is, there seems to be lots of Level 3 objects that are relatively small, relatively stable, and all in a relatively collocated area, like lichen on a cave wall.

This situation seems to happen spontaneously, after having been lost in thought, thinking hard about an issue. And, it can happen after you’ve been doing Folding for a while, say five to forty minutes.

When this becomes the case, you can, in some sense, “rummage around” with secondary attention. It feels a little bit like you’re vacuuming a dirty carpet. It tends to cause lots and lots of the evaporation experience, as you go back and forth. Eventually, you may find that that area of secondary attention feels more smooth and clean, like there’s nothing left there.

Evaporation will discussed in a later subsection. Suffice it to say, here, it’s good to keep an eye out for when you can do rummaging and to take the opportunity when you have it.

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