Excerpt: Folding 0.7: Folding

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4.6 Folding

The suite of inner behaviors below are collectively known as “Folding.” (Technically, “folding” is a specific inner behavior within the collection.)

Folding, overall, is to be used when you experience inner conflict or emotion drains out of you. More specifically, you may feel you can’t choose between options, or you have no options, or you’re in an impossible situation, or you feel you must choose from multiple undesirable possibilities, or you hate part of yourself, or you are disgusted with part of yourself, or you wish a part of yourself would go away.

Additionally, you can use inner behaviors in the folding suite when concerns come up and when you detect you’re under the influence of active controlling beliefs.

The common denominator amongst all of this is that different parts of you are seemingly irreconcilable, where different parts of you are going in different directions, or when you are disowning parts or want to crush or annihilate parts of yourself. (Or, less strongly, you’re unhappy with parts of yourself, or unhappy with desires, drives, etc. Or, you think it’s impossible that they can all coexist and get what they want.)

More subtly, you might feel nagging uneasiness or, as listed above, you want to do something, or many things, but you feel actively blocked.

Concisely, the key thing to indicate use of folding is inner conflict or inner concerns about courses of action. If you’re not conflicted, if instead you “just don’t know what to do,” then another technique in this book is warranted.

The two subsections below are entitled “Actions” and “Updating Experiences.” The Actions section is a long list of subsections of inner activities and behaviors that you can perform. The Updating Experiences section collects many things that can happen in the course of performing these inner activities and behaviors.

Folding has been carefully split out into subprocesses and sub-actions in the sections below. It might seem overwhelming at first. But, with practice, all of the details mix together in a positive way. The actual experience of Folding, over time, is fluid, fast, and symphonic.

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