A Structured Group Conversation

A Structured Group Conversation


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I’ve facilitated hundreds of hours of group conversations, sometimes with as many as fourteen people around the table. I like to think of my meetups as fast-paced, fun, and hilarious. And, more importantly, people tell me I do a good job.

Even so, I’m always looking for new ways to create group spaces with unique properties. I like creating spaces where stuff can be voiced that otherwise couldn’t be voiced at all. (Ideally, I’d like that stuff to be voice-able outside the spaces I create, but one thing at a time.)

Additionally, I would like to empower facilitators who need some extra structural support. I’ve been to too many group conversations where one or two people obliviously, painfully dominated the conversation (and it wasn’t my place to help balance things out). For those situations, I want to give facilitators tools that make it easier to keep things flowing.

So, here’s one of my creations: guidelines and bookkeeping, using a timer and tokens, to make sure everyone can have a voice (if desired), and to make it easier to talk about quiet, patient, introverted topics.

Have a conversation, or an ongoing series of conversations, about anything and everything, and be assured that everyone will have a voice.

What you Get

  • Instruction Manual PDF download (preview here)
  • UPDATE An additional instruction set that includes an anonymity mechanism
  • Individual “Dashboard” PDF download (thumbnail pictured above)
  • Timer and tokens are not included (though purchase suggestions are!)
  • Free, convenient updates, forever

Logistics and Privacy

The payment processor is legit (google them), and I don’t have access to your credit card information. All I have access to is your email, which I won’t share. You’ll be able to email me and the credit card processor. I’ll respond to emails within 48 business-hours if not immediately. (There’s always a small chance I’ll be away from email for a few weeks at a time, but no longer than that.) With a single click, I can send you fixes and updates, which you’ll be able to download for free.

Say Things You Couldn’t Otherwise Say

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