New About:

I have a BS in computer engineering, an MS in electrical engineering, and a PhD in bioengineering. During my PhD, I did research on epilepsy and thought about the brain a lot. I’ve done the six figure software development thing, too, mostly on the backend. I haven’t studied under under a meditation teacher from a traditional lineage. I haven’t been authorized to teach by another teacher. I am not “classically enlightened” as per the traditional texts (though that’s a thing you really can do, minus all the metaphysical baggage). I’ve been meditating since about 2003, with a lot of body awareness stuff and attention exercises going back before that. I have lots of strong opinions, loosely held. This is what I think about spiritual stuff:


Please read widely, try stuff out, look into as many meditation teachers as you have time for, learn from everyone and everything, and form your own opinions.

Old About:

I’ve been meditating not-too-much and reading my brains out for over a decade. This blog isn’t meant to be authoritative. I’m just some guy who is doing this thing, and here are my impressions. Your feedback, questions, concerns, suggestions are greatly appreciated.


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