Deutsch’s Fun Criterion

When I first heard about the Fun Criterion, I was immediately struck by its similarity to one of the workhorses in my meditation protocol (see Main Practice P2).

Simplifying(!), my thing is, like, if it’s good to do it, do it; if it’s bad to do it, don’t.

Deutsch’s thing is like (I hope I’m not mutilating this), do what’s fun.

So, my thing uses the word “good” and Deutsch’s thing used the word “fun.”

I expect we could both be said to be using these words in very precise ways, so please be aware of that and try to suss out something in the neighborhood of what each of us means. (I’m told that Deutsch use of “fun” is consistent with Richard Feynman’s use of the term.)

It is also my understanding that “fun” takes into account something like bare-metal epistemology and the correct use of mind in relation to reason:

(See links below.)

See more, here, for my use of “good,” and also see more in the protocol document:

Now, Deutsch, a far as I’m aware, isn’t a meditator. But, it’s interesting to think about what kinds of mind shapes and what kinds of life shapes you get, from my thing and his thing, if you do my thing for thousands of hours and/or you do his thing for many years.

It’s, perhaps, all in the details of how one’s interpretation of “good” and/or “fun” changes, what bootstraps, in mind and life, as you progress.

Might they become one and the same, for some people, some of the time? I’d say it depends, but, pretty cool, right?

For more similarities, check out more of David Deutsch’s ideas in his books and videos. And, see also Critical Rationalism and Popperian Epistemology. It’s pretty cool–I think a lot of the correlations aren’t because of common causes in the discourse space, though some are definitely are, Western Canon or whatever and all that. But I hadn’t encountered DD stuff and CR until very, very recently–I think a lot of the similarities are due to common causes in reality plus good method, if I do say so myself. Other technical terms in that space are “coercion” and “creativity.”

One of my things on method:

I requested DD, CR, and TCS links, and I was provided links:


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