major breakthrough, I think

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I’ve written that I wanted to extract invariants from Focusing, Internal Family Systems Therapy, Coherence Therapy, etc. (“healing;” constructive engagement with self and reality), and I wanted to incorporate these into a genuine meditation practice (“awakening;” mind and ontological flexibility and transparency) that preserved the goals of all of these, all at once. (“How big can your practice become?“)

There was a seeming impedance mismatch, different mental muscles, gears that wouldn’t turn at the same time, no intuitive models to tie it all together, typically a big feeling of context switching and switching costs.

But. So.

I think I may have cracked it, or at least the first(!!!!) iteration of it. Check out my updates to the Tacit Updating and Foreground Background Meditation posts:

I’m seemingly experiencing a cascade of changes reaching into core issues going back decades, that haven’t ever budged, no matter how many quality-of-life improvements I’ve made, in so many other ways. But they seem to be, now. A lot. In almost unimaginably good ways. And I’ve barely started with consistent application. (I’m at about two hours of continuous practice and application, as I write this.)

Anyway, I really hope people find this useful. Please let me know what seems to be working and not working, for you. If you’re confused or it’s not working, it’s my fault and my hasty writing, not you.

I’m a bit “manic” right now, due to all sorts of life stuff going on. But this seems to be the real deal. 🙂 Time will tell; for this unified protocol to be “real,” cumulative, lasting change in inner experience needs to be evident, over hours to weeks to months to years. And, of course, equally if not more importantly, outer behavior, habits, actions, engagement with the world also needs to show cumulative, lasting change. Ideally, new stuff needs to become possible, over and over and over again, that was impossible before, that was barely imaginable before. Deeply personal, deeply idiosyncratic, deeply valued, becoming imaginable and possible. That’s change…

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