New Product: Protocol to Generate Surprising Solutions, or at least Believable, Resonant Paths Forward, to Vague, Illegible, Ill-defined and Often Critically Important Problems

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I’ve published a new information product:

[…] This document describes a process for generating solutions to extremely difficult problems. It’s especially helpful for problems that are ill-defined; that is, you might not even really be able to put your finger on the problem. That is, you might not be able to fully grasp or describe it, or, if you can, only in a piecemeal fashion.

You might call these illegible, wicked, anti-inductive or tacit problems. Everything might or might not look the same in every direction (“environmental isotropy”). As described above, there might be uncertainty or contingency around what you actually want (“goal ambiguity”). And actions that you take, including waiting, might change the landscape and the game you’re playing, right out from under you (“enaction”).

Furthermore, you might feel trapped. Or you’ve been thinking tons and tons already. Or you feel like you have to pick between hopefully-least-shitty choice “A” or hopefully-least-shitty choice “B” (false dilemma).

So, how do you proceed under such situations? […]

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