Informal experimenting rapidly builds intuition and synergizes unreasonably well with endless reading

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Some terse, cryptic thoughts below from after the weekly web hangout.


So, I’m *totally* paraphrasing, but one topic this past week was about gaining intuition about what’s possible by a) “pushing from the inside” and b) “looking from the outside.”

Regarding “psychic powers,” this is the book that I mentioned:
There’s some mental models presented for “how to do it,” involving interplay between symbolic and nonsymbolic awareness. Of course, I found that to be highly resonant with my expectations of how ESP *should* work if it’s actually real.
…And, I really painstakingly pushed at it, in a fine-grained way, using every last bit phenomenological precision I’ve built up. And that’s how I developed my inside-view sense that there doesn’t seem to be anything there, at least anything there that’s non-local.
From an outside view, the book is mildly convincing with its cherry-picked studies of “the best evidence available for ESP.” I would be pretty convinced in general if it weren’t for my meta-perspectives of evolutionary psychology and selection bias:
So, inside view plus outside view, sort of abusing those terms.
Regarding strategic use of time and energy, being careful of opportunity cost, and choosing practices that a) have no developmental ceiling and b) confer as many side-benefits as possible, for free, a lot of that exploring has been within this framework:
I also discuss my philosophy on choosing and creating practices, at the link below:
“How big can your practice become?”
“How much of the brain can we light up with a single practice?”
But I am actually slowly accumulating a few different “additive meditation”-style practices, which I want to detail soon/eventually.

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