Mostly Links: Extracting Invariants: Symbolic and Nonsymbolic Representation in Human Consciousness

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If I had to summarize all of this it would be something like, “explicit understanding and implicit participation with the phenomenology of the interplay between symbolic and nonsymbolic representation in human consciousness and the phenomenology of the dynamics of meaning and belief in the context thereof, or something like that. Or, how to experience tremendous cognitive flexibility and spaciousness, or something, if you’re also meditating to complement this, or something like that.

Relevantly, this is my favorite quote of all time:

“The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new landscapes, but in having new eyes.”

–Marcel Proust

(If you ask questions I might compulsively respond with 3000-word blog post answers.)

[Note the lack of CBT in the above list.]

(More reading, some of it very, very advanced; You might have to work with the above, first, in order to have access to the referents that match up with the signifiers found in these works: Focusing-Oriented Psychotherapy, Experiencing and the Creation of Meaning, How to Realize Emptiness, Distinguishing Phenomena and Pure Being, On the Origin of Objects, Nine Levels of Increasing Embrace [pdf], Wilber Gigagloss [pdf])

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