Draft: One Sketchy Generalization of Meditation: Diachronic/Synchronic Meditation

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I’m still always working on powerful, general protocols that rival the power and generality of meditation. One aspect of this is better integrating some of the mechanics of Focusing, Internal Family Systems Therapy, Coherence Therapy, the Lefkoe Method, etc., into the practice of meditation. As it stands, there is plenty of synergy, and sometimes the boundaries blur, but, for the most part, meditation versus that list seems to exercise different muscles, turn different gears, cause different types of change. I’m always wondering, how big can my practice become? How much can I incorporate into a protocol while sacrificing nothing? How much of my brain can I light up in a single practice? What kinds of change are possible and how efficiently? What is the potential of a human being, in their own words, on their own terms? For healing? For becoming something imagined and valued? And what role do deliberate inner behaviors have in that?

Here’s something that I’ve sketched out that seems like it might or might not be very powerful. I’ve been playing with it and exploring, to work out this flowchart along natural grooves and mind movements, to get at real levers [1, 2], and I may work with it regularly in addition to foreground/background meditation. (F/B and D/S meditation are definitely interpenetrating but still emphasize very different machinery or at least inner stances.) It’s a work in progress. Your mileage may vary. The latest version is here. Click for a pdf. Note the tl;dr at the bottom!

synchronic diachronic meditation

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