web meetup topics from yesterday plus some logistics-ish notes

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Good conversations this weekend: meditation vis-à-vis epistemology; meditation vis-à-vis ontology; mysticism vis-à-vis von Neumann, Gödel, neuroscience, and evolutionary psychology; public personalities and “paranormal” experiences; conscious and non-conscious aspects of thirst and salt drives; depression subtypes vis-à-vis serotonin, blood-brain barrier, neurogenesis, synaptic reconfiguration, analytical problem-solving, and energy metabolism; podcasting; internet analytics; practical application of Pali and Sanskrit technical language; and more…

A couple notes which I’ll add to the scheduling page:

  • Sometimes acoustics have necessitated mic muting, and messed-up nonverbal cues make everything harder, but the ideal is always for remote people to be 100% a part of the conversation: interrupt, interject, suggest topics, ask for the camera to get moved around more, etc., etc. If noise levels are low and the connection latency is having a good day, this works really well. (It’s also fine to mute yourself and just listen, by the way.)
  • First-timers, don’t freak out if you connect and you’re the only remote person facing down multiple Chicago-local people. People in different time zones have been coming and going at different times, chatting for 15-90 minutes and heading out, and have been fairly consistently missing each other. 😀

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