New Product: Talk About Intense Sex and Love with Hot Strangers


(Click image to enlarge on product page.)

I’m still playing with the copy and price structure, but I wanted to get this out for New Year’s resolutions. If I fiddle with the price, it’s probably only going to go up. So, buy now to get the current price, with free updates forever. 😛

Thank you so much, everyone who’s bought something so far. At some point I’ll look into a way to (opt-in) connect everyone who’s spent some money (while completely protecting and respecting your privacy and anonymity, of course).

I really, really appreciate the support, and it’s very exciting and motivating. The clean line between free meditation stuff (YAY!!!) and paid non-meditation stuff (BOO!!!) is working really well. I’m completely on board with continuing to create ever-better stuff on both sides of that line.

As always, the more money I make, the higher the quantity and quality of everything.

(Of course, this blog is just one tiny piece of my ongoing plans for world domination. 😉 )

Early in my dating career, I started making (at minimum) a brief note about every person (usually a cis girl/woman) who I had, at least, kissed.


Through all of this, I’ve been thinking more and more about the probability landscape of present-day human phase space. That is, considering the set of all possible humans, who’s actually likely to be alive in the world right now?


Taking into account sociology, evolutionary psychology, human biodiversity, prenatal endocrinology, major histocompatibility complexes, what does it feel like to be all these different kinds of people?

And, vis-à-vis all that, in a relationship, what do I want, what do I need, and what am I willing to live with?


So. Who is out there? How can you reach them and love them and have sex with them? 🙂 How will they respond when you try?

Talk About Intense Sex and Love with Hot Strangers

Click Here to Buy Now


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