Updated Product: A Structured Group Conversation

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I recently announced a product, in this linked post, which can be used to add some structure to group conversations. Since that post, I’ve added an additional anonymity mechanism to the instruction set, with a slight price increase. Everyone who purchased should get the free update, automatically (let me know in the unlikely event you don’t).

I’m expecting to do many more hours of field-testing (i.e. interacting with awesome people on equal footing) in the new year, so that will hopefully bring insights, tweaks, and streamlining for an even better experience. Buy now for free updates, forever, and to be shielded from any future price increases, ever. 😛


I’ve facilitated hundreds of hours of group conversations, sometimes with as many as fourteen people around the table. I like to think of my meetups as fast-paced, fun, and hilarious. And, more importantly, people tell me I do a good job.

Even so, I’m always looking for new ways to create group spaces with unique properties. I like creating spaces where stuff can be voiced that otherwise couldn’t be voiced at all. (Ideally, I’d like that stuff to be voice-able outside the spaces I create, but one thing at a time.)


Have a conversation, or an ongoing series of conversations, about anything and everything, and be assured that everyone will have a voice.

Click Here for Product Page


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