“Goals” and more stuff I actually do

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I’ve got a youtube video about how I’ve been using index cards for years. A card is still not a crisp GTD action or project. For me, cards are fuzzy, amorphous action/project/question/idea/reminder/trigger/event/stuff/etc. That fits much better what’s actually going on in my brain. I’m one of those maniacs that thinks the affordances of paper often still outweigh an electronic solution. (Ask me again when VR is commodity.) But, right now, when I scrawl a few words on an index card, I often can recall an entire huge context better, weeks later, at a glance, than if I had typed 1000 words into a google doc or Tinderbox note. Just my brain.

(Of course, I have many thousands of words in electronic files, but not as a living, minute-by-minute dashboard that I can bend and pocket and sort and touch. The index cards… index into my electronic and paper files.)

Recently, I’ve been experimenting with more explicit sequencing (cf. the picture above). I used to let sequencing handle itself tacitly, because symbolized goals and values are elicited, reactive, contextual, and ouroboric. (Goal stability is a combination of skill and experience but also serendipity and luck. The bloody, bleeding edge of personal and collective human striving is not legible. Much more on this in the first link, below.) Anyway, lately, I’ve found that some limited explicit sequencing and meta-chunking is nicely reducing cognitive burden.

As per usual, Work In Progress (WIP) constraints are a concern. I sleep on this stuff, over and over again, I uncomputably merge cards, find new perspectives that obviate old cards, etc. I hesitate to call this “goal factoring,” because there’s this continuous, messy ooze, as the world turns, as I learn and change and ruminate and experiment and the world bites back and months-long bets, planted out in the world, “randomly” pay off without warning.





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