I’m offering one-on-one consulting services again

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I’m offering one-on-one consulting services again:

  • I will talk to you about almost anything, from macronutrient ratios*, to technical meditation details, to time management and productivity, to search engine optimization, to Dan-Savage-fetish-too-far sex acts (say, vis-à-vis intimacy, love, evolutionary psychology*, and oxytocin).
  • (By the way, I strive to maintain extraordinary, impeccable ethical boundaries, which I should probably work on documenting, somewhere. Here’s a little bit of ethics. I’ve got the scattered, ungrammatical, rambling schtick going on, but I’m meticulously conscientious and professional, when it matters, e.g. around privacy, etc.)
  • […]


*I am not a licensed health professional. I am not a licensed mental health professional. I am not an evolutionary psychologist. I am not enlightened. I am not, etc. I’ve just spent a huge amount of time reading, thinking, informally experimenting with, and systematically training a vast pantheon of non-random, interrelated stuff. And I’m wrong all the time. And I care.

If one-on-one is not for you, I encourage you to ask a question in a comment or to do a guest post, or something. I have a long history of writing 3000-word blog posts in response to questions and requests. So that’s a way to try getting a free, detailed response. 😀


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