added more points to foreground/background meditation

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I’ve added two more points, N3 and O3 to the post How to do Foreground/Background Meditation:

[UPDATED 25 NOVEMBER 2014: Added points N3 and O3]

N3) Sometimes, if I have a lot going on my life, with strong reverie and thinking needs, I’ll still want to apply myself in meditation a bit, too. In these cases, I’ll maintain the lightest of light touches on the meditation protocol and just sort of gently flicker back and forth between reverie and awareness of background, with just the barest hint of foreground, all of it kind of hanging out together on the edge of each other, lightly drifting, shifting, back and forth, letting the mental gears turn a bit, sometimes a lot, while still sticking around, hanging out, looking back, seeing, spending time with what just happened, letting it all be there at once, back and forth, keeping the process company and surrendering to it. The sounds like a lot, but it’s just a gentle shifting, flickering, back and forth, side to side, light, precise-yet-relaxed-touch, letting it all be, letting it happen, letting what wants to happen, happen, while periodically resurfacing and checking in.


O3) Of course, meditation doesn’t have a monopoly on insight. Really, there are much more direct tools for insight and understanding. Meditation is kind of a background muscle builder for the skills of insight and understanding. (Sure, meditation can make spontaneous insight more likely. And it’s great to incline towards and let that happen. But there’s much more you can add to the mix.) Check out Focusing, Internal Family Systems Therapy, Coherence Therapy, The Lefkoe Method, daydreaming, journal writing, conversation, long slow aimless walks, deep and dreamy sleep, lots of internet googling and reading, Radical Honesty concepts, tools from Dan Wile’s books… I’m still thinking about how to more directly integrate these tools with meditation. See also:

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