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Of course my blogging is stilted, cryptic, rambling, and unpublished. But some people have commented that I have my moments of clarity and power. I’d like everyone around me to be effortless, fast, fluent writers. Writing is a FANTASTIC asynchronous communication mechanism and strategic tool. Anyway, I posted a LessWrong comment about writing:


Copied, here:

Writing is hard.

Alright, here’s my list of writing resources (in no particular order):


This is an excellent article about writing:


Some more inspiration:



AI luminary Schmidhuber has written about complexity and beauty, and I’ve found his thoughts helpful:


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2 thoughts on “Writing Resources

  1. Going to add a few more, here. Advanced stuff:

    Mimesis: The Representation of Reality in Western Literature (Princeton Classics) by Erich Auerbach
    On the Origin of Objects (Bradford Books) by Brian Cantwell Smith
    Precious Nonsense: The Gettysburg Address, Ben Jonson’s Epitaphs on His Children, and Twelfth Night Hardcover by Stephen Booth

    • I also want to add the book “Describing Morphosyntax,” here. “Describing Morphosyntax” and “Precious Nonsense” are both partially about the arbitrariness of the syntax/semantics divide. They additionally hint at exploiting syntax to make semantics clearer and more evocative. Oh, one more:

      Perceptual-Cognitive Properties of Pictures, Diagrams, and Sentences: Toward a Science of Visual Information Design by Peter W. Coppin

      This dissertation is… awesome. It explores the tradeoffs between symbols, icons, and more. These three texts, together, have taught me about how to make symbols more iconic, that is, how to “get more for free” from arbitrary symbols, to more effectively evoke precise meaning and emotion.

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