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I am accepting weekly donations on gratipay. I am warmly grateful for support from each of you. My profile text is below:

I am making the world better by making transformative practices (like meditation) more accessible and effective.

I want to increase individual wellbeing and to facilitate collaboration among large groups of people. There is tremendous human potential left untapped, for making things better for everyone on the planet and beyond, if we can only figure out how to get at that potential in a way that’s good for everybody.

(Science and technology are critical, integral to all of this.)

I feel I am in a unique position to advance this tiny puzzle piece in making the world a better place. I have a disciplined meditation practice; vast, interpenetrating, panoramic, non-metaphysical interests; and a PhD in bioengineering.

My blog is here:

I hope to derive exponentially increasing utility and power from each additional dollar I receive per week. Every single additional cent, every single new donor, is hugely motivating.

Initially, increased funds will mean increased frequency, length, coherence, and accessibility of my writing. I am currently working on a concise, precise, attractive, effective, accessible meditation book.

Further funds will facilitate delegation of editing, graphic design, and marketing, to make my writing attractive and accessible to a popular audience.

Further funds will be directed towards not-for-profit machinery and administration in order to more effectively coordinate income and efforts.

Further funds will facilitate spot and longitudinal research to explore effectiveness and underlying mechanism of meditation protocols. I am willing and excited to be totally wrong about just about anything, as soon as possible.

Further funds will be used for replicating effective organizational structure, such as meditation centers for disseminating meditation protocols and collecting donations.

Further funds will be directed towards meditation’s effect on interpersonal behavior and collaboration as well as questions of facilitating more visionary, flexible, and effective behavior.

Further funds will be directed towards influencing the ongoing scholarship and peer-reviewed research on meditation and neurophenomenology that is already happening and accelerating.

Throughout, funding will be rechanneled towards other people and projects if they are on-mission as below:

I’m willing to modify or trash all of this if it starts to lose its purpose. The point is safe, warm, humane, leveraged, sustainable, innovative, evidence-based impact on the world, with individual autonomy and self-determination as bedrock (which will include hella community because we’re humans). Feedback gratefully accepted.

I am Effective Altruism-aware.

(Incidentally, all my content is always stored in at least three places at once.)

I am grateful for your individual and collective support. Let’s do this. Thank you.

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