Meetups and fostering far-from-equilibrium dynamics and awesomeness beyond all reason and imagination

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If you’re in the Chicago, Illinois, USA area, I’m kicking off an “other mind meditation” meetup. The first meetup is this coming Saturday, in a couple days.

The meetup establishes a novel context, a novel interaction frame; I churn out these experimental meetups; some of them last a long time before I wind them down or hand them off.

Why do I churn out meetups? People interact under a huge weight of nature and nurture: From the first “hello,” vast realms of “human interaction phase space,” pretty much all of human interaction phase space, is inaccessible, forever, from that first moment of contact, and its attendant, tacit boundaries.

But, I’m interested in ways of taking into account nature and nurture to open up interaction possibilities that weren’t accessible before.

“Taking into account” is necessary because monkey tribal evolutionary psychology, status seeking and signaling, freeriding, deception, self-deceptiongame theory, general awfulness, and everything ever from Overcoming Bias won’t go away. It’s all baked in for the foreseeable future. But can it be embraced and transcended?

I’m interested in both micro and macro (and micro creates macro creates micro): Monogamy is a frame; Polyamory is a frame; BDSM is a frame; Markets are frames; Firms are frames; Peak oil is a frame; Spiritual-but-not-religious is a frame.

So what I want to know is, in micro-land, right here, right now, in the year 2014, is there still a vast, untapped store of eudaimonic potential in human relationships? Of course. But, what internal and external conditions are needed to access that potential? And, can internal bootstrap external?

And, in world-shaping land, I’m curious whether certain practices or certain types of people can collaborate in small groups, or en masse, to produce exotic equilibria and sustain exotic far-from-equilibrium dynamics that simply wouldn’t otherwise exist in human interaction. And might those equilibria and dynamics far exceed any current high waterlines in ethics, efficiency, effectiveness, and eudaimonia?

Like, fucking fuckity fuck the ugliness of the MacLeod Hierarchy. Are status quo hierarchies really all that efficient or effective, anyway? What’s untapped in collective-human-agency space? Certainly technology will facilitate novel types of interaction. But what can we foster and protect right now? And what will it takes?

  • Certain types of contexts and interaction rituals? cf. Joel, Sociocracy, Holacracy.
  • Certain types of transformative practices?
  • Certain types of people, by whatever path? We still don’t know what produces consistent adult development, but we know more than we ever have. And we don’t know what happens when large numbers of high-level (haha) people come together. They used be too few (still) and they didn’t know what they were or how to find each other. But now there’s the internet.

Anyway, I dream about massively flexible and malleable interaction spaces. What if game breaks were a regular occurrence and could be used a jumping-off points to carve unique paths through interaction, play, collaboration, and financial/resource-independence spaces?

I sense something more is possible in interaction space, and I’m laying the groundwork, laying the foundation for it, and playing a very long game.

My current focus is micro-practices that unlock ways of personal being that unlock ways of interpersonal interaction—heart stopping, mind blowing, beyond imagination—that wouldn’t otherwise be possible.

Join me.

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