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If you’re interested in what you are and what you might become (a la The Levels Above Your Own), I strongly, strongly, strongly recommend you read Susanne Cook-Greuter’s recent update to her “Nine Levels of Increasing Embrace” document:

Nine Levels Of Increasing Embrace In Ego Development:
A Full-Spectrum Theory Of Vertical Growth And Meaning Making [2013; pdf]

It’s almost 100 pages long, but it’s worth a careful read from beginning to end; It has my highest recommendation. (The “ego development” construct has been used in a gazillion peer-reviewed papers, and it’s still in use today.)

You’ll notice a lot of “Integral” jargon and mentions of Ken Wilber. The original research had nothing to do with Ken Wilber, but his writing and thinking seem to have provided very useful scaffolding to SCG’s extension of Loevinger’s original work. The Integral memeplex is fairly complex, and I don’t think a lot of readers have much familiarity with it. This might be one place to start (roll-over the icons at the bottom and don’t miss the hidden circle on the right). Integral isn’t necessary for getting something out of SCG’s writing.

“Integral” is one of those things where it’s been around for decades, and there’s been thousands and thousands of related words published, and it has continuously evolved, and there’s lots of noise in the contemporary signal, and it appeals to a huge range of people, with different needs, coming from different places. So I think it’d be a lot of work to sort out useful stuff starting from ground zero. But it could possibly be useful working backwards. There’s really good stuff in there. But, anyway, start with the SCG link and dip into Integral as needed.

(Here’s SCG’s take on the current state of Integral. Might not be all that interesting or useful coming in from ground zero.)

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