Getting Things Done GTD With Index Cards

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2 thoughts on “Getting Things Done GTD With Index Cards

  1. Thanks. Seems particularly useful for very flexible fuzzy goal creation and discovery. Seems very explorative.

    I’m using a GTD-esque system in trello for everything right now, but might want to try something like this at some point.

  2. Yeah, this works well when there’s “goal ambiguity” and “environmental isotropy” (Saras Sarasvathy’s terms). (Again, for low-level tactical stuff. I’m still very unsatisfied with my ability to move huge, fuzzy things across large spans of time to completion.)

    For stupid work stuff, even if the requirements change, there’s usually (but not always) a “mental box” you can put around everything related to a single project, so I’ll ultimately track individual work projects in spreadsheet tabs.

    But when everything bleeds together or changes rapidly, life stuff, important stuff, exploratory stuff, index cards can be a good way to get a handle on things, at least for me.

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