empathic accuracy, cognitive and emotional empathy, perspective-taking

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These are great books:

Ickes, William. Everyday mind reading: Understanding what other people think and feel. Prometheus Books, 2003.


Zunshine, Lisa. Why we read fiction: Theory of mind and the novel. Ohio State University Press, 2006.


Ken Wilber and Wilber-inspired:

An Integral Mathematics of Primordial Perspectives


An Integral Map of Perspective-Taking by Clint Fuhs


My own simplified experimenting:

1p  – unreflective experiencing

1p x 1p – meditation, reflective experiencing

1p x 3p – unreflective experiencing of you

1p x 1p x 3p x 3p – my reflective experiencing of him reflectively experiencing himself

from his perspective:

1p x 1p x (3p x (3p x 1p x 1p)) – he reflectively experiences me reflectively experiencing him experiencing himself

1p x dog – unreflective experience of self knowing dog

1p x (1p x dog) – i reflectively know i’m knowing dog

(1p + 2p) – both of our interiors

1p = 2p -we’re thinking the same thing…

1p x (1p + 2p) – my perspective of both of our interiors

A = “the curious incident of the dog in the nighttime”

1p x A – my experience of taking A to mind, when A is taken to mind, when A comes to mind

3p x (1p x A) – what this other person thinks happens when I take A to mind [to mind vs stimulus functions]

1p x (3p x (1p x A)) – what i think this other person thinks when this other person thinks about me taking A to mind

3p x (1p x (3p x (1p x A))) – what this other person thinks i think happens when this other person takes to mind my experiencing of A

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