coherence therapy and neuroscience

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And I quote:

[…] Under the assumption of indelibility, the best one can do to get free of an ingrained “negative” reaction is to merely suppress and override it by counteracting it with a preferred “positive” response learned and built up to compete against the unwanted one. […]

[…] It is well recognized, however, that an unwanted implicit memory circuit is still fully intact even when it is successfully blocked through counteractive and extinction-like methods. The old response can therefore flare up again, and so ongoing vulnerability to relapse is an inherent weakness of these approaches. […]

[…] The clinical landscape changes fundamentally with neuroscientists’ recent discovery of memory reconsolidation, a form of neuroplasticity that allows an emotional learning or schema stored in long-term implicit memory to be actually erased, not just overridden and suppressed by the learning a preferred response. […]

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