Meditation protocol preview

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A few requests for more information on my meditation protocol. Here is the general idea so you can decide if you care. I have a few messy diagrams and pages of bullet points, clarifications, and nuances that I’ll clean up over the next week or two.

The basic idea is to choose a foreground object, gently pay attention to it, and balance the salience of the foreground object with everything else in the phenomenal field. Thus, foreground and background become equally salient while the focal point of attention remains gently still on the foreground object. That’s what you aim at, anyway, even if you never quite get there or stay there. The working name is “foreground/background meditation.”

The foreground object can be *anything* (or dynamic process or manifold) in experience that you could, at least in principle, vaguely describe with words. The background is all of possible available conscious experience that’s not the foreground object.

There are twelve years of thinking, reading, and experimenting behind this formulation. It’s still not perfect, and I don’t know yet if it’s the best thing for a beginner to do because I did a bajillion other things, first. But it certainly won’t hurt to play with it. The other formulations I listed could be just as useful, depending on what’s actually going on in your mindstream.

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